The Story of NCMPRBL

Greetings x Good Vibes, I’m the founder, Dr. Mario McCoy.

As a lifelong watch-wearer and fashion aficionado hailing from the inner city, your taste in fashion spoke before you did.
Also, as a black founder, I was used to coming across products that my community couldn’t easily identify with, and lacked representation of people who looked like me.
NCMPRBL (Pronounced: IN • KOM • PRUH • BUHL) unapologetically represents where culture meets confidence, introduces the spirit of where competition is none, and addresses an audience that is otherwise ignored in the contemporary minimalist space.
As a lifelong glasses wearer (sounds weird, right?) I longed to create designer eyewear centralizing on premium materials and sustainable materials merging understated luxury with modern taste. No more glasses that slid down your face, changed colors when worn, or made indentions in your nose. 

Don’t be regular, be NCMPRBL,

 The NCMPRBL logo represents the synergy of where minimalism meets iconic, something our globally growing NCRWD can be proud to wear for years to come. 
 The NCMPRBL mission is to translate culture and confidence through premium sustainable accessories by providing a limited release unisex catalog, advancing the looks of men and women worldwide. 
The NCMPRBL vision is to unify contemporary minimalism through exclusivity with an uncompromising focus on craftsmanship, performance, and longevity. Each catalog is inspired by merging streetwear culture and affluent taste.

NCMPRBL prioritizes promoting in house design and curators while reinvesting sales into young entrepreneurs pushing forward the importance of business growth and education via our NCMPRBL Scholarship Fund, where a percentage of each sale to allocated towards education and entrepreneurship for tomorrow's leaders.

NCMPRBL is fully independent and aspiring to become climate neutral with pride in delivering ethically made modern collections, being hands-on with every design, from sketching to quality control, to shipment from Houston, TX, while valuing exclusivity, quality, and sustainability.

Join the NCRWD and be part of a community where competition is none.