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[ Terms and Conditions ]
By applying for the #CreateOverConform Scholarship described herein you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and rules. You must read these Terms and Conditions in their entirety before you accept your scholarship award. When you accept your scholarship award, you are agreeing to and accepting the following Terms and Conditions and any other requirements and conditions of your scholarship listed on this website and/or outlined in your award letter. Create Over Conform, LegaciesLive Forever Brands, and NCMPRBL are not responsible for the policies, regulations, laws, actions, or inactions of others that might prevent you from applying for or participating in the application process, and /or accepting the scholarship as an awardee. Receiving a scholarship award is contingent upon fulfilling all requirements set forth herein. If the applicant is selected to receive any scholarship award, applicant agrees that any such award will only be used for Qualified Educational Expenses via resources that are directly related to entrepreneurship education studies as both are defined by the Internal Revenue Code. Such expenses include tuition and fees required to enroll at the institution as well as online/in-person course related expenses such as fees, e-books, supplies and online equipment deem required for your education. Pursuant to the Internal Revenue Code, scholarship funds cannot be used for room and board, travel, research or equipment or other expenses that are not required for attendance at any institution of higher education. To the extent that the scholarship funds are not used for Qualified Educational Expenses at an Eligible Educational Institution or any Entrepreneurial Coursework, the Applicant agrees to return funds offered back to Legacies Live Forever Brands, NCMPRBL, and/or directly to the Create Over Conform Scholarship Program.

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