NCMPRBL Eyeglasses Sizing Chart

Eyeglasses Sizing Chart

Size Category Lens Width (mm) Bridge Width (mm) Temple Length (mm) Frame Width (mm) Face Shape Suitability
Extra Small (XS) 45-49 14-16 125-130 120-125 Petite, Narrow Faces
Small (S) 50-52 16-18 130-135 126-130 Small to Medium Faces
Medium (M) 53-55 18-20 135-140 131-135 Medium Faces
Large (L) 56-58 20-22 140-145 136-140 Medium to Wide Faces
Extra Large (XL) 59-63 22-24 145-150 141-145 Wide, Broad Faces

Explanation of Measurements

  • Lens Width (mm): The horizontal width of one lens, typically measured at the widest point.
  • Bridge Width (mm): The distance between the two lenses, which sits on the nose.
  • Temple Length (mm): The length of the arm pieces, measured from the hinges to the tips.
  • Frame Width (mm): The total width of the front face of the frame, from end piece to end piece.

Choosing the Right Size

  1. Face Shape Suitability: Choose a frame size that complements your face shape for better aesthetics and comfort.
  2. Comfort and Fit: Ensure the bridge fits well on your nose without slipping, and the temples should comfortably fit behind your ears without pinching.
  3. Proportionality: Your frame should be proportional to your face. Avoid frames that are too wide or too narrow compared to your face width.

By understanding these measurements and size categories, you can better identify the right eyeglass size for your needs.

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