3 Ways to Filter Blue Light via Clarity Collection Eyewear

To protect eyes from Blue Light, there are many different technologies out there that will filter Blue Light for you. However, not all Blue Light filtering technology is created equally. We’re walking you through three ways to filter Blue Light highlighting our Clarity Collection Eyewear featuring Blue Light Technology and breaking down the pros and cons of each solution.

1. Blue Light lens coatings

Pros: Glasses that use Blue Light coatings are often less expensive options since they’re made out of a cheaper material. 

Cons: Many coatings don’t filter a meaningful range of the Blue Light that actually comes off electronic devices. Plus, the lenses are highly reflective (which can be distracting to you and others), and they often have a blue tint, which can be unsightly. Over time, coatings can also scratch or wear off, which makes them even less effective. This is why coatings aren’t the best option for those wondering how to protect your eyes from computer rays.

2. Tinted Lenses

Pros: Tinted/Transition lenses are often an effective solution to filter meaningful amounts of Blue Light. They will not lose their effectiveness as the yellow lens is what filters the Blue Light. See the benefits in various lenses featured in our catalog are an advanced solution when you’re wondering how to protect my eyes from mobile devices, laptops, and desktop screens.

Cons: Since there’s a lens tint, colors will appear distorted, and not everyone feels comfortable wearing glasses with different color lenses to work or when they’re out and about. It is not the best option for people who are looking for a more fashion-friendly or professional 

3. Avoiding technology

Pros: Removing technology altogether is a highly effective way of eliminating Blue Light. If you’re not looking at a screen, then you can’t experience symptoms of Digital Eye Strain.

Cons: It’s the modern world, and screens are everywhere. It can be incredibly challenging to totally disconnect in today’s world.

Overall, there are many ways on how to protect eyes from Blue Light, and there are pros and cons to each solution. The bottom line is that in today’s world, there is a need for laptop, television, and cell phone eye protection, whatever form it may come in. If you’ve ever wondered how to protect your eyes from a mobile screen or computer, this blog outlined some of the best options for you.

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