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These are the terms and conditions for giveaways run on Instagram (the “giveaway”) by NCMPRBL, 1337b West 43rd St Unit #1053 Houston, Texas (“NCMPRBL” “NC”, “we” or “our”). These terms and conditions, any information shared in the Instagram post where the giveaway is announced, and the privacy policy, forms the full and final contract governing the giveaway (the “Contract”). Please read the all the provided information in the post, these terms and conditions and the privacy notice carefully before entering the giveaway. By participating in the giveaway, you (the “participant”, “you” or “your”) accept the Contract.

Participation in a giveaway is free of charge and participants are not obligated to make any purchases.

The giveaway is hosted solely by NCMPRBL, and it is not sponsored, endorsed, or administrated by, or associated with, as applicable, Instagram.


To participate in the giveaway, you must

a) be at least 18 years of age,

b) live in the United States,

c) not be a NCMPRBL employee or an immediate family member of a NCMPRBL employee.

By participating in the giveaway, you confirm and warrant that you fulfill these conditions. Should it come to NCMPRBL attention that that you have entered the giveaway despite not fulfilling these conditions, NCMPRBL reserves the right to exclude you from participation and you will not be eligible to be drawn as the winner of the giveaway.


The detailed requirements for participating in the giveaway will be posted on NCMPRBL account on Instagram, @beNCMPRBL, upon the commencement of the giveaway. Once you have fulfilled the requirements, you have the chance to be drawn as the winner of the giveaway!

The winner of the giveaway will be randomly selected through a draw between all the eligible participants and will be announced in the Instagram-post in accordance with the description provided in the announcing post.

Start and end date of the giveaway will be announced on NCMPRBL’s Instagram account and the winner is drawn and announced on the same account on the in accordance with the communication in the Instagram post when the giveaway is announced.

Please note that the winner will be contacted by NCMPRBL through a DM from NCMPRBL’s official handle only unless otherwise states, we will never ask you to follow any other accounts, transfer money or provide any payment details.


The prize won in the giveaway will be in the form of a NCMPRBL product, as informed in the post where the giveaway is announced. The prize will be sent to the winner by post, NCMPRBL will stand for the shipping costs. It is not possible to exchange, collect or redeem the prize in cash.

Please note that the winner may need to pay tax on the prize, in accordance with local laws and regulations.


NCMPRBL can exclusively be held liable for damages in case of intent or gross negligence by NCMPRBL, or where NCMPRBL otherwise is liable in accordance applicable mandatory law. To the extent permittable under applicable laws, NCMPRBL’s liability shall be limited to the value of the prize in the giveaway.

NCMPRBL does not make any warranties, whether express, implied per statutory, other than what is expressly stated in the Contract. Access to the giveaway might depend on circumstances out of NCMPRBL’s control, including actions pertaining to third parties, such as the social media platform (Instagram) and their availability, up- or downtime, data loss, functions etc. For errors, delays, damage, or other results based on circumstances pertained to such a third party, NCMPRBL does not assume any liability.


Your privacy and the protection of your integrity is important for us. for this reason, kindly read our privacy policy for further information about how and why NCMPRBL will process your personal data in connection with the giveaway.


By participating in the giveaway, you confirm that you have understood that your name will be published on NCMPRBL’s social media account if you are the winner, and you consent to this use of your name. You can revoke your consent at any time by contacting us at helping you@ncmprblife.com .


The giveaway and the Contract governing it is held under the laws of the United States. Any dispute related to the giveaway, the Contract or its terms shall be exclusively settled in the court of law in the United States.

If any provision of the Contract or part thereof is held invalid or unenforceable by any judicial or other competent authority in whole or in part, this shall not affect the remaining provisions of the Contract, unless the obligations of you or us without the invalid part of the Contract are or will become unreasonably burdensome.


For questions regarding these terms, processing of personal data or about the giveaway as such, please contact: social@danielwellington.com.

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