Care for your NCMPRBL

Here are a few tips to ensure that you will be able to enjoy it for as long as possible:

Always remember to treat your bracelets gently and with care.

Never overstretch the elastic band - stretching it over your hands is okay but It’s best to roll it down verses stretching it for longevity of use.

Remove your bracelets before being exposed to chlorine or salt water, this can lead to the stones becoming dull and the bracelet deteriorating more quickly.

Remove your bracelet before sleeping and participating in vigorous physical activity.

Avoid direct contact with hairspray, makeup, lotion and perfume.

Store your bracelets in a soft pouch to keep other items from scratching the surface of the beads.

To clean your bracelet wipe it with a soft, damp cloth and dry immediately.

If you feel you have been caring for your bracelet properly but may have received a defective product please contact
Please note all lifestyle accessory bracelets are hand-made and do NOT have a warranty. All accessories are subject to inspection and NCMPRBL reserves the right to determine replacement, refund or refusal. 

How to Clean Your NCMPRBL Watch

Your NCMPRBL watch if worn regularly, needs to be cleaned regularly. All the dirt, dust, and sweat are there. So, do not wait until it gets dirtier. Below are the steps and what to use to clean your watch.

The following is recommended:

  • Toothpaste with a non-gel formula
  • A cotton ball or a piece of a clean cloth
  • Water


  1. Take a small amount of toothpaste using a cotton ball or a cleaning cloth.
  2. Rub the toothpaste over the part you want to clean, wipe them gently.
  3. For cleaning the strap, start from the inside and move to the outside strap.
  4. Lastly, clean the toothpaste with a damp clean cloth or cotton ball. Make sure no toothpaste is left.

How to Clean Your NCMPRBL Mesh Watch

We recommend the following:

  • A cotton ball
  • A cotton bud
  • Washcloth
  • Toothpaste
  • A Soft Toothbrush  
  • A bowl of Soapy Water
  • Jewelry Cleaner
How to clean your mesh watch strap:
  1. Use a wet cotton bud to clean grooves (inbetween mesh or links)
  2. Scrub carefully the gold plating with toothpaste and cotton ball.
  3. Wet a soft toothbrush with soapy water and gently rub onto the strap. Use a moist washcloth to wipe off the soap residue. This is the best way to clean a mesh watch strap.

Cleaning your NCMPRBL at home is the best solution to maintain its lifespan as well as the look. But, If your watch has a lower water resistance, please be careful not to give an extra amount of water or rub it harshly since it can destroy the components and it not covered under your watch warranty. But, if you are not sure about cleaning your watch by yourself, we kindly recommend to consider a professional watch cleaning service/ jewelry store.

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